Dedicated to the Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 (and 650) 

V-Strom fork brace options

V-strom Fork BraceThe front forks of a motorcycle can be braced to increase steering response. V-Strom riders have two current options when shopping for a fork brace, but 2009 may be the year that new players enter the market to supply these parts.

Fork braces for V-Stroms are currently available from Murph’s Kits and SuperBrace ( separate part for 650 ). These braces are $135 and $170, respectively, which prices them out of consideration for a lot of riders.

Richland Rick announced that he was working on a V-Strom fork brace last month, and yesterday, he posted that he was testing his concept on a few bikes. Details on the VSRI forum.

I am holding out for new developments. I have already bought high quality parts from Rick, a few riders have taken to developing their own parts instead of buying into the name brands.

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  1. New V-Strom Fork Brace » Says:

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  2. spiffinseattle Says:

    Having a go of trying to find where to purchase one of Rick’s braces. Any idea where to find a site to purchase one?

  3. Charlie Says:


    Rick’s braces aren’t sold through resellers, as far as I know. You can order one directly from him by sending a payment though PayPal.

    Details are in the first post of this thread:,9428.0.html

  4. Rich Weir Says:

    I want to buy a fork brace for an

    06 dl 1000

    How can I send you money etc.

    thanks rich weir